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Product Highlights
? Leadfree DIP and DSO Package
? Wide Input Range
? Direct sensing, Input Brown-Out Detection
? Optimized for applications which require fast Startup
? Output Power Controllable by External Sense Resistor
? Fast Output Dynamic Response during Load Jumps
? Trimmed, internal fixed Switching Frequency (65kHz)
? Ease of Use with Few External Components
? Supports Wide Input Range
? Average Current Control
? External Current and Voltage Loop Compensation
for Greater User Flexibility
? Trimmed internal fixed Switching Frequency
(65kHz+7.7% at 25oC)
? Direct sensing, Input Brown-Out Detection
with Hysteresis
? Short Startup(SoftStart) duration
? Max Duty Cycle of 97% (typ)
? Trimmed Internal Reference Voltage (5V+2%)
? VCC Under-Voltage Lockout
? Cycle by Cycle Peak Current Limiting
? Over-Voltage Protection
? Open Loop Detection
? Soft Overcurrent Protection
? Enhanced Dynamic Response
? Fulfills Class D Requirements of IEC 1000-3-2
The ICE1PCS02/G is a 8-pin wide input range controller
IC for active power factor correction converters. It is designed for converters in boost topology, and requires few
external components. Its power supply is recommended
to be provided by an external auxiliary supply which will
switch on and off the IC.
The IC operates in the CCM with average current control,
and in DCM only under light load condition. The switching
frequency is trimmed and fixed internally at 65kHz. Both
current and voltage loop compensations are done externally to allow full user control.
There are various protection features incorporated to ensure safe system operation conditions. The internal reference is trimmed (5V+2%) to ensure precise protection and
output control level.
The ICE1PCS02/G is a design variant of ICE1PCS01 to
incorporate the new input brown-out protection function
and optimised to have a faster startup time with controlled
peak startup current.

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