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General Description
The 27C32BQ is a 32k UV erasable and electrically reprogrammable CMOS EPROM, ideally suited for applications where fast turnaround, pattern experimentation and
low power consumption are important requirements.
The 27C32BQ is designed to operate with a single a5V
power supply with g10% tolerance.
The 27C32BQ is packaged in a 24-pin dual-in-line package with a quartz window. The quartz window allows the
user to expose the chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit
pattern. A new pattern can then be written electrically into
the device by following the programming procedure.
This EPROM is fabricated with National?s proprietary, time
proven CMOS double-poly silicon gate technology which
combines high performance and high density with low power consumption and excellent reliability.
Y Low CMOS power consumption
? Active Power: 55 mW Max
? Standby Power: 0.55 mW Max
Y Extended temperature range, b40?C to a85?C
Y Fast and reliable programming
Y TTL, CMOS compatible inputs/outputs
Y TRI-STATE? output
Y Manufacturer?s identification code for automatic
Y High current CMOS level output drivers
Y Compatible with NMOS 2732

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