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Product Specification

Functionality Micro Controller
Brand Atmel
Current 0.5-1.6 mA
Operating Temperature 0 DegreeC to 70 DegreeC
Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece

Product Description

6N139 High Speed Opto-coupleris High common mode transient immunity and very high current ratio together with 5300 VRMSinsulation are achieved by coupling and LED with an integrated high gain photo detector in an eight pin dual-in-line package. Separate pins for the photo diode and output stage enable TTL compatible saturation voltages with high speed operation. Access to the base terminal allows adjustment to the gain bandwidth. The 6N138 is ideal for TTL applications since the 300 % minimum current transfer ratio with an LED current of 1.6 mA enables operation with one unit load-in and one unit load-out with a 2.2 kO pull-up resistor. The6N139 optocoupleris best suited forlow powerlogic applications involving CMOS and low power TTL. A 400 % current transfer ratio with only 0.5 mA of LED current is guaranteed from 0 DegreeC to 70 DegreeC.Features of 6N139 High-Speed Optocoupler

  • High current transfer ratio, 300 %
  • Low input current, 0.5 mA
  • High output current, 60 mA
  • Isolation test voltage, 5300 VRMS
  • TTL compatible output, VOL = 0.1 V
  • High common mode rejection, 500 V/s
  • Adjustable bandwidth-access to base


Applications of 6N139 High-Speed Optocoupler:

  • Microprocessor system interface
  • PLC, ATE input / output isolation
  • EIA RS232 line receiver
  • TTL, CMOS voltage level translation
  • Multiplexed data transmission
  • Digital control power supply
  • Ground loop and electrical noise elimination

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