74HC251 DIP IC

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74HC251 Multiplexer IC

74HC251 Multiplexer IC?is in DIP-16 package. This IC has a 2 – 6V supply voltage range and logic type of the IC is Multiplexer. It has 1 output.

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74HC251 Multiplexer IC Technical Specifications

Product name74HC251
Product CategoryMultiplexer – Demultiplexer IC
Package TypeDIP-16
Mounting StyleDIP
Number of Pins16
Supply Voltage Range2 – 6V
Number of Outputs1
Logic TypeMultiplexer

The ?HC251 and ?HCT251 are 8-channel digital multiplexers
with three-state outputs, fabricated with high-speed silicongate CMOS technology. Together with the low power
consumption of standard CMOS integrated circuits, they
possess the ability to drive 10 LSTTL loads. The three-state
feature makes them ideally suited for interfacing with bus
lines in a bus-oriented system.
This multiplexer features both true (Y) and complement (Y)
outputs as well as an output enable (OE) input. The OE must
be at a low logic level to enable this device. When the OE
input is high, both outputs are in the high-impedance state.
When enabled, address information on the data select inputs
determines which data input is routed to the Y and Y
outputs. The ?HCT251 logic family is speed, function, and
pin-compatible with the standard ?LS251.


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