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The purpose of this application note is enabling any customer to design a full-performance
ST8500 power line communication (PLC) node, based on the ST8500 evaluation kit
(EVALKITST8500-1) design.
The ST8500 evaluation kit has been realized as a simple and flexible PLC node to ease the
performance evaluation of the ST8500 device.
The kit is made of three boards: the ST8500 PLC module including the companion STLD1
line driver, the STM32 mother board and the power supply board based on the VIPER26H.
The PLC line coupling interface is designed to allow the ST8500 device to transmit and
receive on the AC mains line using any narrow-band PLC modulation (single-carrier or
OFDM) up to 500 kHz, for automatic meter reading (AMR) applications as well as any Smart
Grid, Smart City, Smart Home or IoT applications.

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