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General Description
The DM74123 is a dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator capable of generating output pulses from a few
nano-seconds to extremely long duration up to 100% duty
cycle. Each device has three inputs permitting the choice of
either leading-edge or trailing edge triggering. Pin (A) is an
active-LOW transition trigger input and pin (B) is an activeHIGH transition trigger input. A LOW at the clear (CLR)
input terminates the output pulse: which also inhibits triggering. An internal connection from CLR to the input gate
makes it possible to trigger the circuit by a positive-going
signal on CLR as shown in the Truth Table.
To obtain the best and trouble free operation from this
device please read the Operating Rules as well as the
One?Shot Application Notes carefully and observe recommendations.

? DC triggered from active-HIGH transition or active-LOW
transition inputs
? Retriggerable to 100% duty cycle
? Direct reset terminates output pulse
? Compensated for VCC and temperature variations
? DTL, TTL compatible
? Input clamp diodes

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