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AM: RF amplifier, mixer, oscillator (with ALC), IF
amplifier, detector, AGC, oscillator buffer, tuning
indicator (narrow-band SD), IF buffer output, IF output
for AM stereo
? FM IF: IF amplifier, quadrature detector, band muting,
tuning indicator, IF buffer output, S-meter
? MPX: PLL stereo decoder, stereo indicator, forced
mono, VCO stop function, adjacent channel interference
rejection function (114 kHz), post-amplifier (with
muting function)
? Reduced number of adjustments (adjustment-free MPX
VCO: ceramic resonator adopted)
? Tuning indicator pin (Can be used as a narrow-band stop
signal and as a muting output driver.)
? Variable FM stop sensitivity and band
? Variable AM stop sensitivity
? Built-in AM local oscillator buffer
? Variable AM low cut control

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