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Features, Applications
Internally Frequency Compensated for Unity Gain Large DC Voltage Gain: 100dB Wide Power Supply Range: LM358/LM358A: 3V~32V (or : 3V~26V (or ~ 13V) Input Common Mode Voltage Range Includes Ground Large Output Voltage Swing: DC to Vcc -1.5V DC Power Drain Suitable for Battery Operation.

The LM2904,LM358/LM358A, LM258/LM258A consist of two independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltage. Operation from split power supplies is also possible and the low power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage. Application areas include transducer amplifier, DC gain blocks and all the conventional OP-AMP circuits which now can be easily implemented in single power supply systems.

Parameter Supply Voltage Differential Input Voltage Input Voltage Output Short Circuit to GND = 25?C(One Amp) Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol VCC VI(DIFF) VI TOPR TSTG to +32 Continuous to +32 Continuous to +26 Continuous Unit V ?C

(Vcc = 5.0V, VEE = GND, = 25?C, unless otherwise specified) Parameter Symbol Conditions VCM 0V to VCC -1.5V VO(P) = 0 VCC = , VCC = , VCC = 5V VCC = 15V, RL= 2k VO(P) LM358 LM2904 Unit

Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ. Max.
Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Current Input Bias Current Input Voltage Range
Supply Current Large Signal Voltage Gain

Output Voltage Swing VO(L) Common-Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio Channel Separation Short Circuit to GND CMRR PSRR CS ISC

VI(+) = 1V, VI(-) = 0V ISOURCE VCC = 15V, VO(P) = 2V Output Current ISINK VI(+) = 0V, VI(-) = 1V, VCC = 15V, VO(P) = 2V VI(+) =1V , VCC = 15V, VO(P) 200mV –

Note: 1. This parameter, although guaranteed, is not 100% tested in production.

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