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The MC14018B contains five Johnson counter stages which are
asynchronously presettable and resettable. The counters are
synchronous, and increment on the positive going edge of the clock.
Presetting is accomplished by a logic 1 on the preset enable input.
Data on the Jam inputs will then be transferred to their respective Q
outputs (inverted). A logic 1 on the reset input will cause all Q outputs
to go to a logic 1 state.
Division by any number from 2 to 10 can be accomplished by
connecting appropriate Q outputs to the data input, as shown in the
Function Selection table. Anti?lock gating is included in the
MC14018B to assure proper counting sequence.
? Fully Static Operation
? Schmitt Trigger on Clock Input
? Capable of Driving Two Low?Power TTL Loads or One Low?Power
Schottky TTL Load Over the Rated Temperature Range
? Pin?for?Pin Replacement for CD4018B
? Pb?Free Packages are Available

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