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The MP3394 is a step-up controller with 4-
channel current sources designed for driving
the WLED arrays for large size LCD panel
backlighting applications. The MP3394 is
flexible for extending LED channels with two or
more MP3394s in parallel while operating from
a single inductor power source.
The MP3394 uses current mode, fixed
frequency architecture. The switching frequency
is programmable by an external frequency
setting resistor. It drives an external MOSFET
to boost up the output voltage from a 5V to 28V
input supply. The MP3394 regulates the current
in each LED string to the programmed value set
by an external current setting resistor.
The MP3394 applies 4 internal current sources
for current balance and the current matching
can achieve 2.5% regulation accuracy between
strings. Its low 350mV regulation voltage on
LED current sources reduces power loss and
improves efficiency.
PWM dimming is implemented with external
PWM input signal or DC input signal. The
dimming PWM signal can be generated
internally and the dimming frequency is
programmed by an external setting capacitor.
? 4-String, Max 200mA/String WLED Driver
? 5V to 28V Input Voltage Range
? 2.5% Current Matching Accuracy Between
? Programmable Switching Frequency
? PWM or DC Input Burst PWM Dimming
? Open and Short LED Protection
? Programmable Over-Voltage Protection
? Cascading Capability with a Single Power
? Under Voltage Lockout
? Thermal Shutdown
? TSSOP16EP?SOIC16, SOIC20 Package
? Desktop LCD Flat Panel Displays
? Flat Panel Video Displays
? LCD TVs and Monitors

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