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Pin Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1,13 Discharge Open collector output which discharges a capacitor between intervals (in phase with output). 7 I It toggles the output from high to low when voltage reaches 2/3 of the supply voltage
2,12 Threshold Compares the voltage applied to the terminal with a reference voltage of 2/3 Vcc. The 6 I amplitude of voltage applied to this terminal is responsible for the set state of the flip-flop
3,11 Control Voltage Controls the threshold and trigger levels. It determines the pulse width of the output 5 Voltage I waveform. An external voltage applied to this pin can also be used to modulate the output waveform
4,10 Reset Negative pulse applied to this pin to disable or reset the timer. When not used for reset 4 I purposes, it should be connected to VCC to avoid false triggering
5,9 Out This pin is normally connected to load as it is the only pin with output driven waveform
6,8 Trigger Responsible for transition of the flip-flop from set to reset. The output of the timer depends 2 I on the amplitude of the external trigger pulse applied to this pin
7 Ground Ground Reference Voltage 0V
14 Vcc Supply Voltage (Typical = 5V, Maximum = 18V)



  • Two precision Timers in one single package
  • Typical operating voltage is +5V, can withstand a maximum of +18V.
  • The source/sink current of the output pin is 150mA
  • Minimum Threshold voltage is 2.4 @ Vcc=5V
  • Operating Temperature is 70 degree Celsius.
  • Available in 14-pin PDIP, SOIC, and VSSOP packages

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