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Remote 16-bit I/O Expander
for I2C Bus with Interrupt
The PCA9655E provides 16 bits of General Purpose parallel Input /
Output (GPIO) expansion through the I2C?bus / SMBus.
The PCA9655E consists of two 8?bit Configuration (Input or
Output selection); Input, Output and Polarity Inversion (active?HIGH
or active?LOW operation) registers. At power on, all I/Os default to
inputs. Each I/O may be configured as either input or output by writing
to its corresponding I/O configuration bit. The data for each Input or
Output is kept in its corresponding Input or Output register. The
Polarity Inversion register may be used to invert the polarity of the
read register. All registers can be read by the system master.
The PCA9655E provides an open?drain interrupt output which is
activated when any input state differs from its corresponding input
port register state. The interrupt output is used to indicate to the system
master that an input state has changed. The power?on reset sets the
registers to their default values and initializes the device state
Three hardware pins (AD0, AD1, AD2) are used to configure the
I2C?bus slave address of the device. Up to 64 devices are allowed to
share the same I2C?bus / SMBus.
? VDD Operating Range: 1.65 V to 5.5 V
? SDA Sink Capability: 30 mA
? 5.5 V Tolerant I/Os
? Polarity Inversion Register
? Active LOW Interrupt Output
? Low Standby Current
? Noise Filter on SCL/SDA Inputs
? No Glitch on Power?up
? Internal Power?on Reset
? 64 Programmable Slave Addresses Using Three Address Pins
? 16 I/O Pins Which Default to 16 Inputs
? I2C SCL Clock Frequencies Supported:
Standard Mode: 100 kHz
Fast Mode: 400 kHz
Fast Mode +: 1 MHz
? ESD Performance: 2000 V Human Body Model,
200 V Machine Model
? These are Pb?Free Devices

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