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10.00 د.إ

? Trench gate and thin wafer technology (G6H-II series)
? Low collector to emitter saturation voltage VCE(sat) = 1.1V typ
? High speed switching tr = 90 ns typ, tf = 250 ns typ
? Low leak current ICES = 1 ?A max
? Isolated package TO-220FL

Absolute Maximum Ratings
(Ta = 25?C)
Item Symbol Ratings Unit
Collector to emitter voltage VCES 360 V
Gate to emitter voltage VGES ?30 V
Collector current IC 40 A
Collector peak current ic(peak) Note1 300 A
Collector dissipation PC
Note2 30 W
Junction to case thermal impedance ?j-c 4.17 ?C/W
Junction temperature Tj 150 ?C
Storage temperature Tstg ?55 to +150 ?C

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