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This monolithic integrated circuit contains all the control circuitry for
a regulating power supply inverter or switching regulator. Included in
a 16-pin dual-in-line package is the voltage reference, error
amplifier, oscillator, pulse-width modulator, pulse steering flip-flop,
dual alternating output switches and current-limiting and shut-down
circuitry. This device can be used for switching regulators of either
polarity, transformer-coupled DC-to-DC converters, transformerless
voltage doublers and polarity converters, as well as other power
control applications. The SG3524 is designed for commercial
applications of 0?C to +70?C.
? Complete PWM power control circuitry
? Single ended or push-pull outputs
? Line and load regulation of 0.2%
? 1% maximum temperature variation
? Total supply current is less than 10mA
? Operation beyond 100kHz

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