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210.00 د.إ350.00 د.إ

SSR Relay Specification:

1.Input and output electro-optic isolation or transformer isolation;
2.Input constant current control and LED display,control signal and TTL & CMOS logic is compatible;
3.Bidirectional controlled sillion or unidirectional controllable counter-parallel output,zero electric?current opening zero electric current shutdown;
3.Power solid state uses the SCR chip counter-parallel output and working is stable;
4.Buit-in resistance-capacitance absorbing circuit,dead zone voltage and small harmonic interference;
5.Higher than of 2.5KV safe isolation voltage between the input output and ledger wall?s;
6.Small volume,small input power, non-contact, sparkless, noiseless, non-machinery wear, anti-vibration and the long life

Main Application:

Industrial automation installment, AC motor control, Intermediate relay,solenoid valve control, Numerical control machinery,external guidnance system,computer periphery connection, Illumination,stage lighting control, Electric stove,heating,warm control, street light,signal light,traffic light,Color photo enlargement,film processing equipment,injection machinery,

Automatic fire control and security system,etc.

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