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General Descriptions
The STR-L400 series products are power ICs for quasi-resonant switching type power
supplies, incorporating a power MOSFET and a controller IC in the SIP-10 package.
The product achieves high efficiency and low noise power supply systems by the
quasi-resonant operation. The product is recommended for the systems requiring low-height
and enough clearance and creepage isolation between high and low voltage terminals.
? Features
Quasi-Resonant Operation
Current-Mode Control
Built-in Oscillator for Low Frequency Operation
The operation with low frequency of 50?s OFF time (around 22 kHz), until the quasi-resonant signal becomes
valid, reduces the stress on components at startup and load-shorted.
SIP-10 Package (Sanken designation: STA-10L), recommended for auxiliary power supplies of White Goods.
Straight lead pitch: 2.54mm, Height over PCB: < 12mm
Clearance and Creepage Isolation on PCB between high and low voltage terminals: 6.5mm (4 pins removed)
Input Compensation at Overcurrent
The function reduces the distortion of overcurrent operation point to AC input voltage change by adding three
Built-in Avalanche Energy Guaranteed High-Voltage Power MOSFET
Various Protections
Overcurrent Protection (OCP)———————————- Pulse-by-Pulse
Overload Protection (OLP) ————————————- Latch Shutdown
Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD) ————————- Latch Shutdown

? Applications
Switching Power Supplies for
Standby Power Supplies, Home Appliances (White Goods), Digital Consumer Equipment, OA Equipment,
Industry Machines, Communication Devices, Others

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