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Device Overview


The TC426/TC427/TC428 are dual CMOS high-speed drivers. A TTL/CMOS input voltage level is translated into a rail-to-rail output voltage level swing. The CMOS output is within 25mV of ground or positive supply. The low impedance, high-current driver outputs swing a 1000pF load 18V in 30nsec. The unique current and voltage drive qualities make the TC426/TC427/TC428 ideal power MOSFET drivers, line drivers, and DC-to-DC converter building blocks. Input logic signals may equal the power supply voltage. Input current is a low 1A, making direct interface to CMOS/bipolar switch-mode power supply control ICs possible, as well as open-collector analog comparators. Quiescent power supply current is 8mA maximum. The TC426 requires 1/5 the current of the pin-compatible bipolar DS0026 device. This is important in DC-to-DC converter applications with power efficiency constraints and high-frequency switch-mode power supply applications. Quiescent current is typically 6mA when driving a 1000pF load 18V at 100kHz. The inverting TC426 driver is pin-compatible with the bipolar DS0026 and MMH0026 devices. The TC427 is noninverting; the TC428 contains an inverting and non-inverting driver. Other pin compatible driver families are the TC1426/27/28, TC4426/27/28, and TC4426A/27A/28A.

Additional Features
    • High-Speed Switching (CL = 1000pF): 30nsec
    • High Peak Output Current: 1.5A
    • High Output Voltage Swing: VDD ? 25mV GND +25mV
    • Low Input Current (Logic ‘0’ or ‘1’): 1mA
    • TTL/CMOS Input Compatible
    • Available in Inverting and Noninverting Configurations
    • Wide Operating Supply Voltage: 4.5V to 18V
    • Current Consumption:
      • Inputs Low: 0.4mA
      • Inputs High: 8mA
    • Single Supply Operation
    • Low Output Impedance: 6?
    • Pinout Equivalent of DS0026 and MMH0026
    • Latch-Up Resistant: Withstands > 500mA Reverse Current

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