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Basic Parameters
Product Name : Aluminium Shell Resistors;
Resistance Value :1000?
Power Rating : 25W;
Resistance accuracy : ? 5% (J);
Dimension : 27*15*15.5mm/1.06*0.59*0.61 inch(L*W*H) (The size does not contain Pins and fixed parts);
Fixed part Size: 8.8 * 7.3mm / 0.35*0.29 inch (L * W).The bottom of the resistor protrudes with a mounting hole.
Pins length : 12.1mm / 0.48 inch;
External Material : Aluminum;
Color : Gold ;
Net Weight : 13.3g / 0.03b;
Suitable for inverter, LED lights, speakers, frequency divider, servo industry and other industrial control
This product using a professional process potting, with a solid, temperature, moisture resistance, high anti-vibration, explosion-proof and so on.
This product in the use of time, there will be heat phenomenon.
Do not touch the outside of the resistor directly by hand when the resistor is in operation for a long time to avoid injury.
If the resistor work for a long time, please do Heat dissipation.

Package Included :
2*25 Watt 1000 Ohm 5% Electronic Aluminium Shell Resistors

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