680RJ 100W GOLD


33.00 د.إ

100 power consumption and 680 ohms, 5% tolerance. Wire Wound Resistor has high stability and accuracy. In addition, it was used for different applications because of the wide resistance.
Aluminium housed. A heat insulated cover for water tank on the wounded cable would be the block that has the high performance of a resistance. Therefore the task of cooling by aluminum housing.
This 100W Resistor is made of quality copper, nickel, molded and aluminium. With the compact design and heat dissipation design, the ability overload was created.
Length 5.9 cm (59 mm), and two poles with 2 mm hole for a soldering connection. Dia. 3.2 mm anti-symmetric fixing hole for, fits # 2 screws (or M2.3 nuts)
A reliable light source. Problems such as the flushing LED would be a perfect solution, or you can use it in AC DC circuits converter, inverter, the motor speed control, driver, etc.
Body length: 59 mm/5.9 cm.
Power: 100 watts
Specific resistance: 680 R
Tolerance: 5% (J).
Connection type: rod terminals with hole.
Bar length: 12 mm/1.2 cm.
Screw hole: 3.2 mm (suitable for # 2 and M2.3 nuts).
Hole spacing: 45 mm.
Weight: 30 g/1.06 ounces.
Material: nickel alloys wire wound resistor with aluminium housing.
Colour: Gold
Box contents:
1 x 100W 680R Aluminum Housed Resistor

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