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The TTL /MSI SN54 /74LS670 is a high-speed, low-power 4 x 4 Register
File organized as four words by four bits. Separate read and write inputs, both
address and enable, allow simultaneous read and write operation.
The 3-state outputs make it possible to connect up to 128 outputs to increase the word capacity up to 512 words. Any number of these devices can
be operated in parallel to generate an n-bit length.
The SN54/74LS170 provides a similar function to this device but it features
open-collector outputs.
? Simultaneous Read/Write Operation
? Expandable to 512 Words by n-Bits
? Typical Access Time to 20 ns
? 3-State Outputs for Expansion
? Typical Power Dissipation of 125 mW

DATASHEET :74LS670_MotorolaInc

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