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General Description
The CD40174BC consists of six positive-edge triggered Dtype flip-flops; the true outputs from each flip-flop are externally available. The CD40175BC consists of four positiveedge triggered D-type flip-flops; both the true and complement outputs from each flip-flop are externally available.
All flip-flops are controlled by a common clock and a common clear. Information at the D inputs meeting the set-up
time requirements is transferred to the Q outputs on the
positive-going edge of the clock pulse. The clearing operation, enabled by a negative pulse at Clear input, clears all
Q outputs to logical ?0? and Q s (CD40175BC only) to logical ?1?.
All inputs are protected from static discharge by diode
clamps to VDD and VSS.

? Wide supply voltage range: 3V to 15V
? High noise immunity: 0.45 VDD (typ.)
? Low power TTL compatibility:
fan out of 2 driving 74L or 1 driving 74 LS
? Equivalent to MC14174B, MC14175B
? Equivalent to MM74C174, MM74C175

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