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85.00 د.إ
Detector Shape Plunger Type Main Body Size Standard
Environment Standard / Cold Resistance Plunger Shape Type [Top Plunger] Panel Mounted Plunger
Roller Lever Shape Type Standard Lever Shape Type The Horizontal one way roller
Operating Temperature Range(?C) -30?70 Acquired Standards UL / GB(CCC) / EN
Protection Structure IP67 Force Required for Push Side O.F.(N) 15
Motion to Switching P.T.(mm) 9 Angle to Switching P.T(deg)
Max. Stroke T.T(mm) 9 Max. Angle T.T(deg)
Contact Type Mutual insulation double-throw Contact Point Type
Mechanical Life(10,000 times) 100 Mechanical Operation Frequency(times/min or Less) 30
Rated Operating Voltage(V) DC125V / DC250V Rated Conductance Current(A) 2.5
Main Body External Dimension, Width W(mm) 88.5 Main Body External Dimension, Height H(mm) 30.5
Main Body External Dimension, Length L(mm) 95 Lever Length R(mm)
Detector element details Resin roller ?12.5 ? 5 Indicator Light AC/DC10 – 115V drive type (orange LED)
Operating Position OP(mm) 53?0.8 Conduit size M20
Specification of Terminal Ground terminal not included Details Type Caster
O.D. ?12.5 ? 5 Mounting system 4-direction mounting supported (front direction at shipment) / plastic
Direction of Operation Slow action Roller Type Plastic Rollers
Contact format 2NC/1NO+1NC/1NO Release key type General type key (resin)
Lock / release system DC24V solenoid lock / mechanical release scheme

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