FGA15N120 TO-247 IC

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The?FGA15N120?is a high voltage IGBT with a Collector to Emitter voltage of 1200V and continuous collector current of 30A.? It also has a very low collector emitter saturation voltage of 1.9V and low switching losses.


Pin Description

Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1GateControls the biasing of the IGBT
2CollectorCurrent flows in through Source
3EmitterCurrent flows out through Emitter



  • High Voltage IGBT with low saturation voltage
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCE): 1200V
  • Collector Current (IC): 30A @25?C
  • Minimum Gate threshold voltage (VGE) is 4.5V
  • Maximum Gate threshold voltage (VGE) is 8.5V
  • Gate-Emitter Voltage is (VGE) is ?20V (max)
  • Rise time and fall time is about 20ns and 100ns respectively.
  • Available in To-3P packagE


Alternatives for FGA15N120?

, TA49123, FGA180N33

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