3.00 د.إ

Product Specification

No of Pin28
ApplicationElectronic Connector
Dielectric Withstanding VoltageAC 500V for 1 Minute
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

Product Description

28 PIN IC BASEIC Base or sockets are usually preferred instead of directly soldering IC to the PCB. They help in providing safe removal and insertion of IC chips.They are also used for prototyping new circuits because they allow easy component swapping.This is a low cost 28 pin IC base with a pitch of 2.54mm for DIP IC’s. This IC socket isas you do not have to solder the IC directly. So if your IC gets damaged you can easily replace it without desoldering. Basically the IC base allows easy replacement of IC eleminating the risk of damage from overheating during soldering & desoldering process.

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