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The LM161/LM361 is a very high speed differential
input, complementary TTL output voltage comparator
with improved characteristics over the SE529/NE529
for which it is a pin-for-pin replacement. The device
has been optimized for greater speed performance
and lower input offset voltage. Typically delay varies
only 3 ns for over-drive variations of 5 mV to 500 mV.
It may be operated from op amp supplies (?15V).
Complementary outputs having maximum skew are
provided. Applications involve high speed analog to
digital converters and zero-crossing detectors in disk
file systems.


? Independent strobes

? Ensured high speed: 20 ns max

? Complementary TTL outputs

? Tight delay matching on both outputs

? Operates from op amp supplies: ?15V

? Low speed variation with overdrive variation

? Low input offset voltage

? Versatile supply voltage range

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