M80C85A-2 DIP IC

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The MSM80C85AH is a complete 8-bit parallel; central processor implemented in silicon gate
C-MOS technology and compatible with MSM80C85A.
It is designed with higher processing speed (max.5 MHz) and lower power consumption
compared with MSM80C85A and power down mode is provided, thereby offering a high level
of system integration.
The MSM80C85AH uses a multiplexed address/data bus. The address is split between the 8-
bit address bus and the 8-bit data bus. The on-chip address latch : of a MSM81C55-5 memory
product allows a direct interface with the MSM80C85AH.
? Power down mode (HALT-HOLD)
? Low Power Dissipation: 50mW(Typ)
? Single + 3 to + 6 V Power Supply
? ?40 to + 85?C, Operating Temperature
? Compatible with MSM80C85A
? 0.8 ms instruction Cycle (VCC = 5V)
? On-Chip Clock Generator (with External Crystal)
? On-Chip System Controller; Advanced Cycle Status Information Available for Large System
? Bug operation in MSM80C85AH is fixed
? Four Vectored interrupt (One is non-maskable) Plus the 8080A-compatible interrupt.
? Serial, In/Serial Out Port
? Decimal, Binary and Double Precision Arithmetic
? Addressing Capability to 64K Bytes of Memory
? TTL Compatible
? 40-pin Plastic DIP(DIP40-P-600-2.54): (Product name: MSM80C85AHRS)
? 44-pin Plastic QFJ(QFJ44-P-S650-1.27): (Product name: MSM80C85AHJS)
? 44-pin Plastic QFP(QFP44-P-910-0.80-2K): (Product name: MSM80C85AHGS-2K)

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