MBR20100 TO-220 IC

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The?MBR20100?is a dual?Schottky diode?with common cathode in a To-220 Package for high current applications. Each diode has a forward current of 10A, hence the IC can push upto 20A through it with a peak reverse voltage of 100V


Pin Configuration

Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1AnodeAnode of first Schottky Diode
2Common CathodeCathode of both Schottky Diodes
3AnodeAnode of second Schottky Diode



  • Dual Schottky Diode
  • Common Cathode Type
  • Forward Current: 20A for dual diode at 50% duty cycle
  • Forward Voltage drop: 0.9V (per leg)
  • Peak Reverse Voltage: 100V
  • Reverse Current: 6mA
  • Rate of charge (dv/dt): 10k V/us
  • Available in To-220 Package

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